Pinnacle provides high calibre programme managers, project managers and teams to our clients. We produce results by combining a pragmatic approach, a strong work ethic, industry knowledge and core project management disciplines.

See below for a few examples of the types of projects and programmes we typically deliver. If you’d like to know more, please contact us to discuss what we can do for your organisation.

Pinnacle Project Managers mobilised and delivered an ATM expansion programme into the UK, resulting in the deployment of over 1,600 ATMs over a 2.5 year period, with incomes of over £25m per annum.

The project team defined the end to end ATM deployment model and steps, plus the mobilisation and management of the variety of teams and skills needed to successfully deploy ATM’s at the pace required to achieve the business targets.

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A major retail bank is upgrading its desktop operating system across all its business units. This involves identification and testing of all (700) client-based applications on the new O/S. All (350) web-based applications are also being assessed for compatibility with an upgraded browser.

Pinnacle Project Managers are managing this project from the design phase, technical readiness, business readiness, and application testing through to migration and rollout of the new operating system to all (15k) bank staff across three jurisdictions.

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Tesco Bank migrated 2.8m customers from RBS onto its new Tesco Bank platform.

A team of around 500 worked on the programme over 3.5 years.  A wide range of products (savings and loans, motor and household insurance and credit card accounts) were all migrated to the new Tesco Bank systems from RBS.

John Crowley acted as Programme Director throughout the 3-year programme. Pinnacle also supplied key programme and project managers: for the Savings and Loans Migration, the Telephony Programme, and key aspects of the Credit Card Programme.

The programme team fully designed and executed the systems and processes for the new Tesco Bank, which culminated in the successful migration of the Tesco Credit Card customers in May 2012.

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A Pinnacle Director managed the migration of Irish Nationwide Building Society (INBS) deposit book to permanent tsb systems and business processes. The book represented €3.6 billion of deposits consisting of approximately 160,000 customers.

Pinnacle Managed the overall programme of work across permanent tsb and Irish Nationwide Building Society (INBS), completing the successful migration of the loan book over a five month period.

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Pinnacle managed the transfer of Prudential’s German Life Assurance business to Canada Life. The business consisted of over 100,000 policy holders valued at €129 million and over 230 staff located across Germans and Ireland

Pinnacle Managed the overall programme of work across Prudential and Canada Life to successfully plan and execute the transition of the book of business, systems and staff to Canada Life.

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The Consumer Protection Code (CPC 2012) was mandated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Pinnacle project managers oversaw the programme to apply all required compliance changes across all core banking systems and business functions including Retail, Marketing, Credit, Mortgages Services, Collections, Commercial, and Customer Services.

Pinnacle led the overall programme of work across the various areas of the Bank to build and integrated delivery plan across all functions leading to a successful implemented to a fix deadline.

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A major bank identified an opportunity to change its debit card scheme to enhance the customer proposition, as well as increase revenues. The project objectives included re-issuing existing cards, reducing the costs associated with processing debit card transactions, and achieving SEPA compliance.

Pinnacle provided 3 key members of the project management team – the Project Manager, the Delivery Manager and Business Readiness Manager.

The project was successfully completed to plan and within budget. Benefits realisation monitoring demonstrated that the business case has been exceeded and customer usage and behaviours in line or higher than predicted.

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A Pinnacle project team led a Bank of Scotland Ireland Arrears Programme to mitigate growing arrears by identifying the most effective and efficient actions to cure arrears, minimise losses and establish a new Arrears Operating Model.

Pinnacle Managed the overall programme of change across Bank of Scotland Ireland achieving tangible improvements for the business.

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A major retail bank launched a mobile person to person payments application as part of their smartphone App. The product was delivered via Visa Personal Payments (provided by Visa Europe). The service allows a customer to send a payment to another customer using their mobile phone. It provides customers with a convenient, quick and innovative way to make personal payments to any Visa card holder in Ireland, using only their mobile phone.

Pinnacle Project Managers managed this project from the business case and design phases, through to delivery and launch.

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A Global Merchant Acquirer needed to integrate two newly acquired merchant services businesses into its own operations. These two programmes were completed on schedule, and saw the business volumes grow six-fold over a period of 12 months.

A large multi-disciplined programme team including two Pinnacle Programme Managers was established to complete the two programmes which ran in parallel. The programme team had to manage a complex set of inter-dependencies to migrate to the new platform within a fixed timeline and with minimal impact on Merchants.

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A major insurer decided to launch a new open architecture offshore investment bond that would provide investors with access to thousands of funds from the world’s leading investment managers. This was the first product of its kind for the company. The project encompassed the selection of a supplier to provide the investment software through to the launch of the new product.

A Pinnacle Project Manager managed this initiative for the duration of the programme from selection of supplier through to the launch of the new product. The product was launched on target and within budget. An improved new product launch process was developed following the successful launch of the new product.

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